So, you're looking for a fabulous dress? Something that is going to make you feel beautiful, glamorous, romantic, sensuous.....whatever that feeling is that you get when you slip some gorgeous confection of silk or lace over your head, turn to look at yourself in the mirror, and think......this is it, this is how I am meant to look on that day......

The good news is that there is nothing we like better at JFD than helping to bring that moment about.....

Here in The Dressing Room, we are going to give you a little bit more information about how the process works, how to order, what to expect from the fitting process, and that all important question of price.  

So have a little look around, and when you are ready to make an appointment to call in to the studio showroom for an informal chat about the sort of thing you are looking for, and perhaps a try-on of some of the studio samples, just give us a shout via the contact form.

In the meantime, more about the process....

The first thing to know is that we generally ask for a minimum four-five month lead-time, from confirmation of order to dress collection date, particularly for bridal wear, and especially for summer weddings....(Evening wear may require less advance notice, so it is always worth inquiring if you need a knock-out party frock).

As a guide, prospective clients tend to come in for an initial consultation an average of seven or eight months in advance of the crucial date, but of course you are welcome to come in as early as you like.

At your initial, no-obligation, consultation we have an informal chat so we can discuss ideas. We talk about possible styles and look at fabric samples together. A number of 'made-to-order' designs are available which can be tweaked to suit your requirements or, alternatively, you can opt for the 'bespoke' service, where an entirely new design is drawn up.

After this first meeting, once we have a feel for the sort of look you want to achieve, a preliminary design is drawn up in order to narrow the focus, and also larger fabric swatches in the relevant colours and textures are sent to you. 

At this stage you are given an idea of cost, although this may vary according to final choice of detailing and embellishment.

Some clients may already have a fairly clear vision of what they want, in which case they are welcome to bring along any drawings, images, and other sources of inspiration they may have.....although it should be stressed that we will never copy another designer's work.

Should you decide to order a JFD dress, we then move into the fitting stage......a fuller explanation of this can be found on the 'Your Fittings' page.

It usually takes 1-2 toile fittings, and 2-3 silk fittings to achieve your perfect dress, although this can be reduced if you live out of the area.


If you are keen to have a JFD dress for your wedding or event, but live abroad, or too far away to make it practical to visit the studio for fittings, then we do offer a distance ordering service. You are emailed a measurement form to complete, and the relevant fabric swatches, and your chosen made-to-order style is then created in your chosen materials using these supplied measurements. Whilst we strive to be as accurate as possible, you should be aware that you will need a good local seamstress to make any final tweaks to the gown once it arrives to ensure a really good fit.
For this service a 50% deposit is required on placement of order, with the balance due when your gown is ready to send.


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